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Hi! I'm Amruta

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I'm the Founder of The Inward Leap

I am a Software Engineering Manager at Walmart, a Mother of 1 year old , a wife and a daughter. I started practicing mindfulness some time back and see it has made a huge difference to the outlook I have towards life. With the stressfull IT job, a toddler and just the everyday hectic life we are in, being aware and mindful has helped bring that zen I wanted in life.

Explore Mindfulness With Me

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I conduct workshops to help individuals with a variety of topics on self awareness. As a personal coach we will together try to change the mindset towards life

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I will take a group session covering major areas of self improvement and changing the outlook towards life. These can be customised for a specific time period and the number of people

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Corporate Training

Corporate is one of the sectors where individuals experience the most stress. Their everyday life consists of solving complex problems with tight deadlines, negotiating with people, managing headcount and being accountable to stakeholders.  Things can get overwhelming at times and the only thing that can keep is grounded is our self awareness and mindfulness. 

I will conduct corporate mindfulness trainings. Contact me for pricing and content.

Let’s Get in Touch

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