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Want to reduce stress? Shut that inner voice

Updated: Jan 23, 2022

In todays world we end up in stressful situations every day. We wish to tackle these with ease but end up being stressed out anyway.

We all have been there

Do you sometimes feel like life sucks! Nothing ever happens the way you wanted it to be. You feel the burden of the entire world on your shoulders. Every effort to be happy ends in vain?

Don't worry most of us have felt this way one time or the other in their lives. We face new challenges every day in our life. Some challenges excite us , but some are just flat crap!

We keep thinking about a lot of stuff. You hate that annoying bus ride which you are taking day in and day out. You are angry on that annoying co worker who took the credit for your work. You'r spouse seems to not understand you at all . What are my colleagues thinking about me after the bad presentation I gave the other day. If you were to start blurting out all that you think in a day in front of people, they would think u are mad.

The constant chatter in our head

The reality is each of us has this voice inside our head which goes on and on about some thing or the other. It never seems to stop. People say listen to your inner voice, but frankly all of us have a chatter monkey in there who craves for drama.

Just take a pause whenever a little uncomfortable situation arises in front you. Just watch what your inner voice is doing. For example you'r in your car and you get stuck in traffic. There is nothing you can do about it. But then your inner voice starts. "Ohh no not again. I hate this traffic. I am gonna waste 30min here (You happily waste hours scrolling on your phone).Oh crap!. My boss is going to notice. I guess my boss already hates me and now he will think I come late everyday to office. He did not respond to my good morning the other day. My colleagues think I am a dumbhead. Did you see how they were looking at you after your presentation. My mom thinks I m going to be something great. Ah my life sucks!" . Did you see what happened here . You'r voice equated a slight inconvenience to a worthless life. All you needed to do was to accept the fact that you are in traffic and spend that some time listening to your favourite music or listening to a book. There are two versions of the same person reaching office. One is in a bitter mood and will not be productive at all as he is already in a state of stress. The other is coming in office as if nothing happened. He will have a great day.

Most of the stress we have in life is because we let this inner voice go in all possible directions. It draws unreasonable conclusions about ourselves and others. The problems of lack of self worth, commitment issues, anxiety spring from this very voice which resides in our heads.

What do I do about this voice

So how do you get rid of it. Do I try to suppress it every time an irrational thought comes to your head? The answer will be NO. The voice trying to suppress it will be the voice itself!

All you need to do is be aware of it. Become aware of the drama it is drawing from a situation . You will soon realise its arguments are baseless. Once you are aware of this, the voice will soon start fading if not immediately but after some practice for sure. You will now be able to asses the situation and look for a solution. If you do not find a solution you will think of ways to accept it.

The voice also loves to stick to past unhappy events. Time and again it will rewind them in front of you. We need to understand its the past. There is no point in thinking about the past than to let it go. Every time a sad memory is rewinded in front of you acknowledge the fact it's the past. Become aware you are not your past. After some time you will stop having the voice bring this up again in front of you as you are no longer affected by it

Stress is an outcome of our overthinking. From now on whenever the chattering monkey starts talking in your head, sit back, breath and become aware of the non sense its speaking and refrain from letting it affect you in any way.

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